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Welcome to our Greek online dating website.

Have you ever wondered finding a soul mate online? Well, it sounds too good to be true, but it is now possible with this dating site. Here you can find your date in Greece, a perfect online matchmaking portal for finding new friends. Meeting with Greek singles can be relatively easy when you know what you are looking for. This cozy dating matchmaker will make you enjoy your meeting with new people. Your favorite man or woman might be already a member of our online community, so after reading this, make the first step and join in. Our goal here is to building long-lasting relationships. We are not a dating agency, but a community of adult people looking for fun. Beautiful Greek ladies and handsome men are waiting you to join. Matchmaking can't be easier. Connecting with adult Greeks for chatting online and dating is just one click away. Many sexy singles from all over Greece are waiting for new members to chat online or fix a date.

Dating someone who comes from a different culture holds a lot of appeal and mystery at first. Dating Greek women is not as hard as it might seem. If you have never courted a Greek woman, you may ascertain it to be a beneficial change in your life. Most of these women are desperately anxious to introduce themselves to you and are looking for an honest and respectable person. Greek men are full of mediterranean character. Confident and sometimes arrogant enough, they like entertaining themselves, spending money and meeting new people. If you, and your Greek date speak the same language, you don't really have to worry about cultural differences. Of course, there will be the usual differences between women and men in the way they think and behave. Cultural differences and the language barrier though, can make things a little more complicated. Your date perhaps, probably won't react to some things that you find surprising, scary, sad, etc. If you can be open-minded about these differences, the behavior of your Greek date might even start to rub off on you in a positive way.

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This website, albeit new, has already attracted a lot of people from Greece and abroad. Women and men of all ages have already joined this site and looking for new friends. Good looking people interested in adult dating, guys and girls, orthodox Greeks and a lot of other people, originating from the States and Australia, visit our portal every day. We try to have many members as possible, so our members will be having more choices when looking around. We have an excellent customer support team that responds promptly to your requests and shows how devoted we are to our dating community. We are keen in building relationships with our community members. We respect your privacy, keeping safe your personal data, and honor your choice in choosing us as your dating website. We will try to make things easier for you to set up your dating profile. It doens't matter if you are too shy to approach a woman or a man to ask them out for a date. Setting your profile and start making new Greek friends is easy. Strong relationships have been built with the help of dating websites.

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We would like to hearing your thoughts and experience on any online dating services and/or portals.

  • How easy is online dating for you?
  • Are you so relaxed about it that if the next date doesn't work out, it will not be a problem because you already have a big list of other members ready to talk to you or go out with you?
  • Are you holding back on other dates (even if they seem OK to you) because you haven't gone through all the potentials and found the perfect one yet?
  • Who would you go for first? Someone you already know or somebody new from the site who's asking you on a date?
  • How long does it take you to go back on line just after someone has broken up with you?
  • How perfect does everything have to be before you decide to settle down?
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Things to look upon when browsing other people's profiles and avoiding scams:

  • Avoid giving money to people you don't know just because you've met them online. Building a relationship with someone you've found online, doesn't mean you should trust him/her. Avoid sympathizing and suffering for others. Mind your own business.
  • Check meticulously your partner's profile for fake pictures and data. Not everybody is a male or female model looking for new acquaintances. Don't fall into this trap. Let us know immediately when you spot a fake profile.
  • Stay critical with the first people you meet online. The impostors will be the first to interact with you and start showing interest to your profile. Don't ever share your photos and email to the first stranger. Use only our online chat services, never chat outside of here as these talks are unattended.
  • Don't pay attention to sad stories about family problems and poor financial situation. You have your own problems and you have joined this online dating community to have fun and meet interesting people, not to give away charities.
  • Don't say yes to webcam conversation if the other party doesn't have a webcam installed or willing to share the image.
  • Don't share your pictures or your live image online outside our dating website with anyone.
  • If you ever happen to bump into such person make sure you immediately inform us so we can take all necessary measures.

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